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Drop of a hat 2006 - Part 5 November


As I have said previously, flights to the U.S. are a lot cheaper out of season and if you shop around you can get some pretty good deals, the only problem is that they often involve more flight changes and maybe not leaving from the airport of your choice. This particular flight is from Birmingham into Detroit for easy access to Canada to check out some bikes and then the return flight is out of Traverse City Michigan. The annoying thing about it is the flight is with Air France, so it’s a flight to Paris then the transatlantic part to Philadelphia and finally an internal flight to Detroit. I am up at 5am and my “Taxi” man Mal is driving me to Brum to get me there for 7.30, from there I arrive at Paris where the Charles DeGaulle airport is undergoing some serious surgery, a bizarre convoy of busses finally gets me to departures after an hour and with just minutes until my flight leaves, but I am finally aboard the 8.5hr flight to Philly. It is more than a little frustrating to see that I am flying over Ireland at 3pm after already having been travelling for 9 hours L

So, it’s into Philly to find that my Detroit flight is delayed for an hour which is quite fortunate as the queue for security is the longest I have ever seen, it’s out of the Gates, down the concourse, over a walk bridge that covers a double lane road, a railway and a car park and virtually into the car parking area! I finally work my way past the dozens of discarded “liquid” bottles at the scanner just under an hour later.

I finally arrive in Detroit just an hour late at 9pm (2am my time) unfortunately though, it seems that my bags didn’t make the tip with me and are nowhere to be found, after an hour both myself and the lost luggage dept give up as they don’t even have any record of them being scanned along the route, they ask me to report back in the morning, it’s an inconvenience to say the least as I have a hotel booked 80miles South and all my electrical gear and clothes etc are in the missing bags.

So, next morning I try the automated telephone bag tracking service and it keeps coming up that there is no info on the bags, I have nothing to lose so I head back to the airport to find a REAL person that I can hassle to find the bags. The airport isn’t busy at that time in the morning so I have a desk agent all to myself, she confirms that there is no news but allows me to look through the back room to see if they are there, no joy. She goes on to tell me how they had a storm at Philly two days prior and that they are still trying to catch up, I am not convinced and am more than a little pissed that they have obviously not been scanned for the bar code and could be anywhere in the system, not only that but if they are still in Philly then I have got to hang around Detroit for several hours until they show which is going to be putting me well behind schedule. I am yet again voicing my frustration to the lady of them not knowing my bags location when my phone rings, a voice tells me that they have found my bags! YEAH! I ask her if they are still in Philly? She replies that they are now in Detroit – I ask here where SHE is located? “Northwest Counter in Detroit” . .. . .  “ermmmm, so am I” Just then a face on a phone appears from behind a wall . . . . enter - One embarrassed phone agent and add one embarrassed counter clerk and we have an amusing situation!  Especially as I ask the lady on the counter again just where my bags are? It turns out they were put on a different airline and are at a different terminal, but at least I now have them and it is time to hit the road!

So, first stop is a gas station and what a pleasant surprise, after the $3.10 (£1.75) a gallon on my last trip, gas is down to $2.20 a gallon (£1.20) which makes a large difference when you are only getting 15 miles to the U.S. Gallon (It’s smaller than a U.K. Gallon). As I am close to Grand Rapids Ohio I change the plans slightly and make a visit to See Ric Seel at “westriverex” ports, Ric has still got plenty of triples for sale, but they all want work and it needs a little thought as to whether they are worth buying and restoring, whether to break them or just what to do. Yet again I leave without buying any bikes, but I have pictures of Rics stock for future reference. 


Next I head east to hook up with “Herb”, he’s the guy I bought a few bikes off on the last trip to be restored at a later date, Herb has found me a low mileage H1d and a very early H2. The H2 is very rough but is numbered under 1000, problem is that there is so much missing and the motor is off a slightly later model so it would be futile to pour big bucks into restoring it. The H1d is O.K. but it has suffered some serious corrosion on a lot of the fixings and will need to be torn down and rebuilt to be a good looking bike. I decide to leave and do some thinking about the bikes.

 I find a local hotel and try to book in but no one is on the counter, I use the phone on the wall and the guy on the other end tells me that he is watching the big football game, and to take a key to a room and he will see me after the match . . . . . . this is small town America where people trust each other – I like it! So, once in the room I see that the game has only just started and beer and food sounds like a good idea so it’s off down to the local bar and grill where upon entering I see just how BIG this football match is! The place is rammed full of people much like you would expect to see in an English bar when England are playing a World Cup match. Enquiries reveal that this is a college football game between Michigan and Ohio? It seems that in the U.S. the college teams have just as big a following as the State teams, the stadium is packed with 50,000 people with millions more watching on TV. I am always bemused by American Football, I just fail to see what is exciting about 5 seconds of action and then 5 minutes of messing around before the next 5 seconds of action – but, be that as it may, everyone is rowdy and enjoying themselves and after a few beers I am adopted by a local guy and my quick beer turns into several.

Next morning it is back down to Herbs and see if I can negotiate a better deal, things go reasonably well and I am soon loading up the H1d and some old 1968 Yamaha trail bike, Herb tells me of a pal who has a few AMHRA dirt bikes and we head over to see his collection, I am impressed, they are not quite my cup of tea but I can appreciate any bike that has been well restored, friends of friends are good! And it isn’t long before this latest guy gives a pal with a H1c a call, that bike is for sale as well so it’s a 40 mile trip further down Ohio and before long I am loading up a H1c as well.




After a little discussion I am loading up 3 H2’s in various guises for the journey back up North, none are known to run but with a little work I should be able to do something with them.


After unloading the bikes I have a days rest before heading back down South to Two junkyards that I have visited before, One of them had Two 1969 H1’s in the field last year, they were both rough and total restoration projects but my old archived photographs show that they both had the correct engine and frame numbers. After trawling around the field for an hour it became all too apparent that someone had beaten me to it!



 The 1970 H1s were still there but both of the ‘69’s had gone. I did however come across several restorable ’69 H1 exhaust pipes and several other parts. The yard would bring a tear to a glass eye, it has dozens and dozens of bike engines from the 1970’s , the problem is however that most have had clutch casings, carbs and spark plugs removed and then been left to sit outside  – virtually all are utter junk with rusted bores and exposed rusty gearboxes. One thing that is apparent to me  me though is that there is NO new influx of stock here, the bikes that are here are the same old bikes that were here 3 years ago!  It seems that the World of Ebay has affected a LOT of businesses, I reckon the sole reason is that folks no longer take their bikes to the junkyard, they just stick them on Ebay instead.




















As I leave the junkyard I get a call from one of my best U.S. Pals, Cody, (scrambler73) he’s bidding on aYamaha350 hillclimber that is “somewhere in Michigan” and the auction ends in a couple of hours, well, as always with myself and Cody, fate takes a hand and the bike is just 45 miles from the junkyard that I am at – he goes ahead with the bid and I detour to collect the winners bike . . . . .and a pretty good bargain it turned out to be! There’s no more time for shopping so I run back up North with my only trophy being Codys Hillclimber. Once back I have to test ride it for him J   The bike ran really well,  the chassis was darn poor as the head bearings were about the worst I have ever felt – but a brief spin around the field and up the hill and I reckon he got a bargain at just over Two hundred quid – the heads alone were worth that!


  So, it is now “thanksgiving day” and in the U.S. this is a massive event, it is actually celebrated more enthusiastically than Christmas day, obviously the whole nation is on holiday and the majority meet up with family and friends for a good lunch.  It seems like an ideal opportunity to me to get a dirtbike out and go for a ride in the woods and trails, as I am riding through the woods I notice a drum hanging from a tree with fresh fruit in it and fruit scattered on the ground, a little way later and I hear a very loud crack, it didn’t really seem like a backfire but was just as loud! I loop around and come back only to come face to face with Two VERY irate deer hunters! They had been sitting for hours watching the baited traps and then along I come on a loud dirtbike and scare off any potential targets, they were not happy to say the least and told me I could be shot at or arrested for riding the trails in Deer hunting season . . . OOppps

Next day I am heading out down South to a junkyard to see what I can trawl up, the guy has a few hundred bikes, many have been there a LIT of years – Most were junk but interesting to peruse over.

















After spending a while walking around the “junk” I was taken to a barn that stored some 50 or so bikes that were too nice to break, there was a good variety of bikes, many dirtbikes but also some unusual stuff from the 1970’s such as this Yankee which was a dirt bike built in the U.S.A. but using a unique engine comprising of Two 250 Ossa engines that were built side by side to for a 500cc Two stroke Twin. There was also a Hungarian “white” 350cc(?)









I bought a handful of the bikes but am expecting problems in shipping / titleing the bikes, I am not too sure what the procedure will be for getting the bikes back on the road as they will be on the national database as having been scrapped.









So yet another trip comes to an end – Snow is about due and when I get back in Early 2007 and I anticipate some very hazardous weather on my next road trip L.


Keep One Wheel Down . . . . . . . . .   Rick