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Drop of a hat . . .  2004 part 2

So, it’s 8 weeks later and I am sat aboard a plane heading back to Michigan, my plan to put the “good stuff” on Ebay has gone well and  the coffers are slowly filling with funds to repay my investment loan. The only problem is that my plan has slightly backfired, I had planned to sell the expensive and heavy stuff in the U.S. and in so doing save on a container and shipping – with the excellent exchange rate it appears that a HUGE amount of the stock has been sold to guys in Norway, France, Germany and England for record prices! This has now put me in the position whereby I am going to have to get a container out of Michigan and back to the U.K. My 10 day trip has now had to be re-scheduled (at a cost of +£450) to allow time to load and get a container on its way.

With the heightened security checks at New York I fail to meet my connecting flight missed plane in New York  re routing meant re-schedule & paying missing funds for my re-scheduled flight home – for which they wanted that particular days rate of £700! I refused and “Continental” agreed to re-route my flights and I would pay for the return leg at a later date. So, Four flights later and I am landing in a snow covered North Michigan VERY late at night.

 Next day I collect my truck and check to see if all my bikes are still intact at my pal Gary’s house . . . luckily everything was fine and I drive back to the local airport to confirm and pay for my flight back to the U.K. in 12 days time. The poor airport clerk drew the short straw and spent the best part of an hour being passed from One agent to another, when he finally came up with the flight costing £600 (as opposed to the guaranteed cost of  £450) I gave in and agreed to sort it all out at a later date.

 My first excursion was a 700 mile trip over to Minnesota to see 500+ early Japanese bikes that had just come up for sale from a guy that use to do a lot of exporting in the late 80’s.

 The first leg up into the U.P. of Michigan took me past a guy that I bought a few H1’s off a couple of years back, as I drove into his yard I was amused to se a couple of triples with just the body and seats standing proud above the snow! Yep the snow gets DEEP in in March in North Michigan


Back on the road again and it is across through Wisconsin where I spied a modern Kawasaki agent that had a 1970’s dealer sign outside, I called in and low and behold they had a small quantity of New Old Stock Kawasaki parts that they were willing to sell – there was a slight fly in the ointment in that Kawasaki U.S.A has recently agreed to buy back all the NOS parts that the dealers wish to release back to them.  I dragged a large box full of parts out of stock and we managed to arrive at a mutually beneficial price, the current owner also told me that the previous owner had taken a lot of NOS stuff back to his own pole barns a few miles away, he would try and get in touch with the guy for when I returned back that way in a couple of days. As I drove onwards to Minnesota I realised that it was another fresh State for me that made the current total visited in recent years to 25 – which is a lot more States than most Americans that I have met have visited.

 The meeting in Minneapolis was interesting to say the least, there was a vast array of so many different bikes from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s coupled with the fact that both Dan the vendor, and his sons were personally very interested in motorcycles and had some amazing bikes of their own. In their workshop they were restoring a Brough Superior for American TV host and motorcycling enthusiast Jay Leno, many of the parts for this bike were having to be re-made “in house”. The bikes in the “personal” collection ranged from an original low mileage Brough Superior & Vincent black shadow right across the spectrum of N.O.S. Triumphs, CZ’s (from the 1930’s) to new Indians and others and ending up with a very low mileage Honda RC30.




Once inside Dans “house” that he is renovating (It’s actually an old school) each and every room is full to bursting with old motorcycles running into many dozens of 150 & 160 Hondas and Suzukis and…




On the stairs there are a few old dealer signs, these generally sell for around $1,000! There was even a NEW dealer sign for the “American Eagle” brand! Knowing Malc Andersons passion for these obscure bikes I took the plunge and bought it – transporting it was going to be another problem!

I bought Two H2’s which we then tied down the Two bikes on the back of the pick up, then we laid some carpets and blankets on them, we then put the “American Eagle” sign on the top with more cardboard and put just enough tension on the straps to hold it in place. The thought of a 700 mile drive back to Michigan at night in the cold was daunting to say the least, 200 miles in and it was time to stop for the night. The most annoying part of the trip was that I was passing very close by to “Scrambler’s” house and I didn’t have my database with me to call him.


The 500 mile trip back was pretty uneventful, other than stopping off en route at the dealer that I had found on the way out. He had managed to track down the original owner and after a trip to the bank for some funds I went over to relieve him of some of his old stock that was out in his barns, access was difficult to say the least, with 3 or more feet of snow blocking the entrance to Two barns . . .  I vowed to come back for all the gas tanks and other parts from the remaining Two barns on a future trip.


 The rest of the drive was long but quite pleasant in the spring sunshine, keeping up a steady 70mph was no problem well, it WAS pleasant until 10.30pm at night at just 40 mph and just 8 miles from my destination, there was a large BANG! I pulled over to find that my New Old Stock $1,000 sign had shattered! The only explanation is that with the sun on it all day, it was malleable, but with the dropping temperature at night it got so cold due to the wind facture that it just became brittle and shattered! It was dark and in the middle of nowhere so I just gathered a few chunks and headed home.

 So, up with the larks on the Tuesday as it was the day that the container was being dropped at Garys. It arrived on the nail but we were only given  2hrs to load it, – for an extra $600 I managed to get the container left behind and  collection re scheduled for Friday at 10am, that way the container gets to Detroit for PM Friday and would be presented to customs that night leaving the “signed off” customs paperwork for me to collect on Saturday. The trucker left saying he would see us at 10am on 2nd April.

 Tuesday was spent loading the container . . .



The bikes are loaded and the worrying that they will make the trip back safely begins!

Weds was spent trailer & NOS hunting, It seemed obvious that although I could fit Two H2’s on the back of my pick up It would also be wise to invest in a trailer to enable me to collect even more bikes on my excursions, looking through the trader papers and Ebay it was quite obvious that good used trailers hold their value really well in the U.S. a good used (maybe 5 years old) 7 x 12 box trailer sells for around £1,000 with a brand new version of the same thing cost just a couple of hundred quid more, trailers up to 2,000lb capacity do not have any brakes but as soon as you go over this weight the trailers come equipped with electric brakes – luckily my truck had the electrics for this. A suitable trailer was bought (involved story but it was a good trailer) and I then headed North to a dealer that I found on my trip back in January. I also took a detour and bought the Z1 that I had also found on my last trip, I got it a smidge cheaper but it was no bargain – the bike was later given to Gary K as a token of appreciation for getting me out of the “brown smelly stuff” back on the Jan trip when he gave me space to park the bikes that I had bought. So, the dealer had a small stash of parts, some common, some unusual but they were unusual enough for me to part with a serious amount of funds.

 It appears that I may also have a spare day on Thursday! I had been told of a guy 150 miles South that may have a couple of H2’s for sale and also some New Old Stock engines, it would appear that in the late 70’s Kawasaki America re-called all their H2 motors from their apprentice training schools back to their hub depot in Grand Rapids Michigan, where upon this chap bought up a dozen quite literally New Old Stock engines, all the motors were the early spec with the more radical porting and interestingly all the motors came with engine serial numbers! So when we are counting number of H2’s made (or other triples for that matter) we need to take into account  these motors supplied for training and also the units supplied as factory replacements – which also came with engine serial numbers.

So Thursday and I head South, I met up with “Joe” and was taken to a barn where he kept his various Toys, a he had a couple of Blue ’72 H2’s and also a white ‘69 H1 None of which had been used for several years – he also had a Yamaha RZ and a 500 gamma Both with under 500 miles on the clock from New! I buy the triples and seriously think about coming back for the Yams at a later date.

Whilst heading back I jump at the opportunity to meet up with yet another Gary – this time it is Gary , a guy that provides valuable input to the U.S. message board. Not only do we meet up for a brief spell but I also get a quick sprint on his H1 MiniBike, which with tongue firmly pressed in cheek can be described as “Sprightly” – If I’d brought a change of underwear I’d have opened the throttle a little wider! Sadly, it was just a brief visit as I need to head back up North for the Friday collection of the container


From Friday onwards the trip went downhill

To my notes :

Friday 2nd April 10am, no driver, 11, 12, 1pm no driver – I contacted allpoint who said that no driver had been scheduled for collection, they hurriedly rescheduled a driver for late Friday night who would deliver the container Saturday and although tightly timed the container would still be on it’s way to Canada on the Saturday evening.

 8pm Friday night and a driver showed up and we discussed how the container would progress, he told me that he thought that the container would not be loaded onto a train until Monday as the rail yards and customs do not work weekends. I assured him that the rail yards DO work all weekend and that customs in Detroit is 24hrs a day 7 days a week. I asked him what time he expected to be in Detroit on the Saturday - he told me that he would make an early start and be in Detroit for 10am, I told him I would be travelling down to Customs in Detroit Saturday daytime to collect the signed off paperwork and head back up North to catch my Sunday flight back to the U.K.

 Saturday 3rd April, PM, I arrived in Detroit and contacted the  rail desk to see if the container had been presented, they said all the paperwork was waiting but no container had been presented, I kept in constant communication with them but it became apparent that the container was not going to make the Saturday train. And rather than stay over in Detroit I headed over the bridge into Canada (Well that trip was made 3 times in an hour but that is a whole new story)  it was now apparent that I was not going to make my flight so I rescheduled my flight for the next available flight (6am Tuesday 6th) at a cost of $960!

 Sunday 4th April, And it’s back to Detroit, passing through the only part of Canada that I know, but in the words of the Late Jim R “It’s Gods Country” and I still agree with his sentiments. Once back in Detroit there is little else to do than twiddle thumbs and wonder where the hell the container is – A visit to the Henry Ford Museum seems like a good idea but it is still very cold and getting late. I was  keeping in constant touch with the CP rail desk who were as baffled as I was as to why the container had not been presented. By 8pm it had missed the last train to Montreal and I booked into another hotel for the evening.

 Monday 5th April there was no way to contact “W J Byrnes” (my “shipper”) as all their phones were down, I managed to track the container to a rail yard where it had JUST been delivered 8.50am! After a lot more phone calls I find out that the container will be on the 8pm train to Customs and Montreal, if all went well then the paperwork would be signed off for Midnight and I could then drive the 300 miles North for my 6am next day flight. At 10pm it became apparent that all was not well and it turned out that the container was put on a different rail network which meant that all my customs paperwork was now at the wrong rail agents. After much pleading the agents at CP Rail (Canadian Pacific Rail) said that they would present my paperwork even though it was a different rail network. Obviously if I stayed in Detroit any longer I would miss my flight and have to pay another $960 for another flight change. The CP rail agents agreed that they would fax my signed off documents to W J Byrnes and also post the originals back to myself in England for a fee.

 I headed back to North Michigan and made it next day to the airport for the  6.15am flight. CP Rail called and I was told that the signed off paperwork was lost in the system somewhere, it was looking as if I was going to have to cancel my flight when they called (with 20 mins to spare) to say that they had the signed off paperwork in their possession.  Yet another skin of the teeth mission . .  why do they always turn out like that?

  A mere 10 days later and the container is pulling up at my door - it's difficult to describe the relief when you open the doors and find EVERYTHING is upright, intact and undamaged!


The work started immediately to get some funds back in the coffers, primary bikes to sell were the F7's & H2's.

The H2's had a serious amount of work done in a short space of time . .  From this :


to this: . . .

Rick Brett