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Drop of a hat . . .  1999

Amidst all the excitement of this years events I have been reminded that my tales of "Drop of a hat ‘99" went un-finished. If you remember I had been to Michigan to look at a "shop" full of 1960’s & 70’s Kawasaki New Old Stock when it became apparent that I could not strike a deal with the vendor I started looking for other stocks of N.O.S. bits, I was told of a dealer in Canada that may have a few bits left over. Now when I think of Canada I think of John and Ted up in British Columbia which in my crude geographical brain is a few hundred miles north of California, which in turn was thousands of miles away from Michigan! That was until I looked at a map and saw that the dealer in Toronto was just three hundred miles away: through Detroit, over a bridge and hey presto Canada!

A call to the dealer informed me that he would let me look over his parts and he would be willing to sell some if not all of them. A pleasant drive down through the Michigan winter sun and I was ready for an overnight stop near Detroit before I entered Canada.

Going through the tunnel was pretty uneventful apart from a customs officer who asked me "What kind of a job is that ? Trawling the World for old bike parts?" The Canadian entry system is the same as the British "Dartford" crossing, you enter Canada through a tunnel and you leave Canada on a huge bridge. Within yards of being in Canada I was immediately struck by how clean it was. The further into the country I went the more I liked it, passing through towns like Tilbury, Chatham, Kent, London it just brought home how much of an influence the British must have had on the country. If my initial impression was good then I can only say it got better! There are no scrap cars on driveways, there is no rubbish in the street, no smashed bus shelters, no ripped out phone boxes in fact to coin one of the locals "This is Gods country"! ( I would tend to agree). After a long drive along the shores of Lake Erie I finally found my destination just outside of Toronto.

I met the property owner who told me that he was one of Canada's first Importers of Kawasaki’s, I had a root around his basement and was surprised to find a sectioned H1 engine exactly like my own but this was from a 1974 H1 and the sectioning was painted in green. Next to this engine was a Two stroke motor out of a Coyote! Further along were a few Z1 pipes and a N.O.S. Z1 front end. The actual Kawasaki stock was not that great, there was about a good sized transit van full of new 1970’s parts. I filmed most of it for future reference and went back upstairs to meet up with the owner – John. 

He took me outside to a range of barns and pulled the door open to the first one, I think the word shocked may be a understatement! I was immediately looking at a full sized Cessna airplane, to the left there was a row of 20 bikes, brand new Flat Track Harleys and lots of British stuff. There were restored T Birds, Motor homes and Tractors! Restored static farm engines, a brand new MGB GT and right at the bike was a row of 6 Kawasaki’s. A new 90, KX125, W2TT, and finally TWO Black Z1r Turbos!

One with 400 miles and one with 800 miles. We left the first barn and went to the next, there were many smashed bikes including some H1’s, there were also a few tractors and T-Bird Cars waiting for restoration. John took me over to a crate marked Kawasaki as he pulled a panel away a BRAND NEW Z1r Turbo was revealed, sitting on top of this crate was another small crate with TWO brand new KV75's in it. John left me alone with the bike and I got two fingers under the seat and pulled out an envelope with the warranty disclaimer and the owners hand book in it, and YES I did put them back again! A short while later John collected me and we went for a short ride to another barn that had around 25 smashed up bikes inside, a few were triples (H2 & H1’s) most had been there many, many years.

As we drove alongside of Lake Erie John told me how, as a lad in winter he use to have to go out on the lake and cut out huge blocks of ice that were then taken back to the barn and laid on beds of straw for use all through the summer. The temperature hits the high 90’s in summer so that must have been one huge block to stay solid for months with no refrigeration.

 I found a bed for the night and realised that I only had two hours in the morning to try and strike a deal with John over some of the parts before I had to head back to Chicago for my afternoon flight.

Back at the shop the next morning I was greeted with the news that John had gone to the auctions and would not be back, but I was to "make myself welcome" and look around. I wandered out to the Z1r in the crate and took a few more in depth pictures, I then climbed into a roof void and found several brand new H2 pipes . . . that were rusty! There were a few new Z1000A1 tanks, new H1a tanks, a new H2c purple tank and around a hundred Z1r posters. I also came across a pile of used stock, various 1970’s Kwack engines, tanks, grab rails! I made a short list of parts that were of interest and gave John a call on his cellphone. Once the language barrier was out of the way ( I used an interpreter J ) I managed to get him to agree to sell a dozen different grabrails, a full Euro H2 rear guard, a new H2 silencer, and some nuts and bolts. As I was struggling for suitcase room I found a box and had about 20 mins to pack it and get it dropped off at a post office. Luckily that all went well. I drove back through Detroit to Chicago and vowed that one day I would be back to spend more time in this beautiful country.!