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Drop of a hat  .… 2003

Yet again I am sitting above the Atlantic on the way over to the U.S. to collect bikes, and to say that this is only the start of the journey it has certainly not gone well so far!

The story of this trip starts a month before the Annual Rally, 12 H2's & a couple of H1's in various stages of disassembly came up for sale on EBAY, they were located near Memphis Tennessee, you may remember from the last magazine that I bid on the package with Three seconds to go and was thwarted by my PC asking for my bidding password, I immediately mailed the vendor and told him of my interest, a week later I mailed him again and apparently the original winner of the auction had still not come up with the funds. There was also an additional problem now that other parties from Japan were interested in buying the bikes. A few frantic mails later and "Jeff" decided that I was the worthy winner of the package. 

So, it was time to try and find a flight. I was busy waiting for the flight schedules to download and checked  daily mails, here came a shock - "Henry" had mailed me telling me that he needed a set of H2 cylinders and pistons and would gladly exchange airmails to the U.S. for the purchase - Coincidence or fate? I snapped him up on the offer as there had to be a few of the H'2's that would be purely for breaking! A couple of weeks later after sorting out the paperwork my flights were booked! I then priced containers and was relieved to hear that a container was easily available and was slightly cheaper than last year!  

The next couple of weeks was dedicated to organising the rally and looking for other suitable bikes in the area to fill the container, I bought a H2 in Texas off EBAY and then my dream bike came up for grabs - a Brand New H2c in Purple in Detroit - I was told the bike had been stored in a climate controlled environment from new and was "as new". Again the bike was on EBAY and the auction was set to finish around 8.30 on a Monday morning. I wanted the bike badly and utilised a service called auction sniper, I told them my max bid and asked them to bid 5 secs before then end of the auction. I also put in a bid myself with 8 seconds to go - Both myself and the sniper won the auction and plans were made to pay for the bike before seeing it, as this bike was now the most expensive H2 in the world (my plans to replace the old Audi this year were down the pan – you can buy a car any time – but a NEW H2c?) I was uneasy to part with the funds to say the least! As you know I have travelled to the U.S. several times before to see new H2's only to end up very disappointed. 

The planning was slowly coming together, I would fly to Chicago, then to Detroit, then maybe drive to Canada to see my old friend with the New Old Stock parts that he had finally decided to talk about selling to me, from there it would be down to Memphis with a slight detour to take in the Mid Ohio vintage swap meet and see Dave Crussell race. Then after dropping the bikes off with the other 14 H’s in Memphis I planned to drive down the Houston and collect the H2, from there I was going to Austin to collect another guys H2c, then Dallas to meet up with old friends and then back to Tn to load up all the bikes and set them on their way – maybe from there I could go up to see Harry in Michigan before I flew back out of Chicago? Just a 3,600 mile round trip in ten days . . . 

A call to customs in " Mobile " South Carolina revealed that not only were they not 24hrs a day there but unlike Detroit they were only 5 days a week! With the 3 days waiting period that I had to have in it would be pretty certain that I would miss my pre booked return flight (again!) It looked like the easiest way around it was to abort the 1400 mile Texas detour and get the bikes freighted overland to the central location in Tn - easier said than done as the company (Forward Air)  needed a lead time of 2 weeks and I was booking just 9 days before I wanted them there - they promised to do their best. 

My next problem was a new one to me, my health! I had had an annoying heavy cold for some Two months which had resulted in a large build up of fluid in my ears (glue ear) to the point where my hearing was seriously impaired. A visit to the docs ten days before my flight resulted in me being on a course of antibiotics. After a week I started to feel very lethargic and weak, a couple of days later I was having bad stomach pains and was concerned that I had been over doing it, I had my blood pressure checked and it was a touch high, the pains started to get worse and when I took my afternoon pill the pain turned to agony and I was violently sick. I checked the prescription on the Internet and was shocked to see it contained penicillin which I am VERY allergic to  . . . . an hour later and I was gasping for breath and vomiting violently - a call to the docs suggested that I get to the Hospital pronto.  So, 12 hours to my flight and I am having my chest shaved for the electrodes to be attached in between barfing everywhere! . . a few hours later and I am given the all clear, some pain killers and a new course of anti biotics. A totally sleepless night being VERY sick was not the ideal way to prepare for a long haul flight. 

But, fly I did...

With a lot of idle time on my hands while I am flying I decided to get some newsletter written, I had invested in a new laptop and as both my RB's and the Clubs websites needed to be re-written I would do that during my flying hours - - after all I will have around 20 hours travelling time to get some stuff done in! -  I am 5 hrs into the 1st leg of the journey now and although not feeling particularly good I will make a determined effort to write some stuff . . . or I would have done except for  the new Microsoft Word programme that is installed asks me for a user code that is on the original discs that are back in the office! Glad I bought my Nokia communicator with me. As I sit here tip tapping away I wonder what lies in store - especially as I have just dumped a full cup of coffee into my lap and will leave the flight looking like I have p*ssed myself!

So, I will just edit the websites instead. . .  no I won't, because that programme requires a bloody passcode as well . .  this trip is not starting well at all and as I put the laptop in my rucksack and pull out a bottle of Lucozade I am more than a little gutted as I unscrew the top and half the bottle gushes out on my clean shirt and coffee soiled shorts ! ! !   If I was superstitious then I would be getting VERY concerned about all my bad luck so far!

So,  still Sticky and Sickly, and I am landed in Chicago and  wait for my next flight on to Detroit . Once in Detroit I head for the New H2. Having already paid for the bike I am nervous about it’s condition to say the least. I meet up with the bike seller and I am relieved to say the least to see that the bike is all it was said to be! Basically the owner was (maybe still is) to be the biggest bike dealer in Detroit , he brought the H2c off the showroom floor to start a bike collection for his son.


Unfortunately the son died earlier this year and now after keeping the bike in a climate controlled environment the father had decided to sell it.  Also as part of the collection was one of the 200 limited edition “Americanization of Kawasaki” Z1000’s – the owner rode this bike back from the Nebraska factory and never used it again.

The H2c was loaded up and I headed for Ohio and the “Vintage Days” swap/race meeting. Oh, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this old car on the way down there!




Ohio was as large as last year but with the added bonus that I get to see my pal Dave Crussell race his H1r! There were plenty of strange and unusual bikes of all makes at the meeting – surprisingly there were more Triples there this year for sale – but few of them were cheap. There was a also a 4 cylinder S3 that a guy constructed 10 years ago – a great looking bike that was built along the lines of a works racer.


Dave's practice lap led to him retiring with an ignition problem, the alternator was stripped down and the loose plates re-shimmed and re-assembled – Dave was not a happy camper and accused me of being a jinx (If you remember last time I saw him race at Daytona he broke down as well!).

The bike now seemed crisp and for good luck I added some club stickers to the bike – they obviously worked as he started off in 8th place and clawed his way up the field to 2nd, he was having a serious dice with a local guy on a Yam but pulled into the lead on the final lap and took the flag, I have to say it was the best moment of the year for me to see a pal win a race in a different country – he was now well on the way to winning the series!

I left Ohio early and headed for Memphis . A couple of hundred miles later  a stop off on the way in Nashville was interesting, the main street has several bars that have live music all night long with each band swapping shifts or pubs every couple of hours – shame it was all country music – but even that can sound good after enough beer! 

I finally found my destination in Memphis, “Jeff” had collected several “Junk” H2’s over the years and had taken various parts off them with the intention of restoring them One day – he also had a passion for Drag cars and with him owning his own business the project H2’s had taken a back seat. He was now moving to Florida and had no intention of taking the H2’s with him so he had put them on EBAY.

The next morning we went to the "farm" where the H2’s were stored, it was a little out in the sticks and it was slightly worrying to find 3 six foot long empty snake skins in the barn, I say barn (as Jeff calls it) but it is a new building big enough to house his 2nd Drag car, 14 bikes and room left for another 10 cars! Unfortunately the majority of the H2’s were 70%+ Disassembled and so a BIG job of boxing up the parts off Ten broken up H2's ensued. –  Still, we managed to get it all done in a few hours . .  it only cost a couple of pints of sweat!

Thurs morning and I am woken at 6am by a serious storm, a look out the hotel window reveals the most torrential wind and rain that I have ever seen, just then a thunderbolt hit the power lines outside and the hotel was plunged into darkness, panels were being blown off roofs and when the storm passed it was revealed that dozens of trees were down, two people died and the radio was saying that 500,000 homes were without power in the worst storm to hit Memphis for 25 years!  Driving back to the “barn” we were met by all sorts of array -  several traffic lights broken and swinging in the breeze along with a lot of debris on the road -  we carried on boxing up parts and loaded them and the bikes into the small U Haul trailer and Jeff's 28 foot race car trailer.

To be continued . . . . .